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Being so close to some of the worlds most famous ski slopes it seemed obvious that we should make the most of the opportunity during our stay in Vancouver. After chatting to a few locals and researching the price of gear hire and lift passes online we came to the conclusion that we wanted to avoid the over priced and pompous air of Whistler and many other major resorts and hit the slopes with people who were there because they loved the sport. Our research highlighted Mount Baker as the stand out destination for snowboarders in the area, it was described as having huge wide open trails, fresh powder galore and somewhere that encourages new borders rather than ridicules them. Now, having never been to Whistler I am unable to vouch for the reviews of upper class snobbery and beginner ridiculing, however our choice to visit Mount Baker was driven by cost and location. Paying just $40 for a two hour lesson with equipment hire was an unbeatable offer, Mount Baker is in Washinton, USA and just a forty five minute journey over the border from the house, much closer than any other resort.

Driving up Mount Baker with the early morning sun glistening through the trees I was incredibly excited to hit the slopes for our first ever snowboarding lesson. As I sit here now bruised and battered I am just as pumped to get back on my board and out onto the (beginner) slopes! Learning to snowboard is such a thrill, much more so than skiing (if my memory serves me well). After our hour and a half lesson, where we were introduced to the basics, we were left to our own devices to practice our new skills. As with most things the theory is very simple, weight distribution determines direction, and balance is key. However without balance weight distribution is impossible to control, thus resulting in some rather spectacular face plants onto the slope! My favourite moment was actually on the ski lift, to enable some of my dignity to remain with me I shall just say I failed spectacularly to remove myself from the revolving lift and had to be rescued by a member of staff. Oh the shame.


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