Does The Military Diet Plan Really Work? Here’s The Honest Answer!

[dropcap size=big]G[/dropcap]enes, physical inactivity, and poor eating habits have deemed weight gain a worldwide problem.

A recent study classified 70% of the adult population as overweight. 7.7% suffer from extreme obesity. As a result, thousands of men, women, and teens are flocking to the internet in search of a weight loss secret that would give them real results and fast.

Impatience, a lack of consistency or just the fact that some of these weight loss campaigns are unsustainable has seen many leave frustrated, negative reviews online. It can be hard to decipher fact from fiction when reading online reviews.


You probably are hearing of it for the first time. Wondering what it entails? The military diet plan is a diet plan mostly ideal for people who don’t like being a little hard on themselves, as it’s usually practiced on a week to week basis. In one week, for example, the user subjects the body to low-calorie intake for the first three days. Thereafter, he/she partakes in normal food intake for the rest of the week, without overindulgence to compensate for the three days of course. The four days must be accompanied by normal exercise activity. Unique from other diet plans, the military diet plan does not exclude certain food categories like high-carb and high-protein foods.


As you probably know, every workout or diet routine works differently for everyone. However, a legit diet plan should be able to provide noticeable results for anyone as long as it is done correctly and consistently. Only the speed in results differs. Is the military diet plan a legit plan? To learn more about this diet, read on:

Proponents of this campaign claim that it is possible to lose up to 10 pounds a week. Keeping in mind that you will indulge in normal food intake for the larger part of the week; losing 10 pounds instantly is too good to be true, right?  In addition, there are no scientific recommendations for the military diet plan as ideal for weight loss, not to mention that the before and after pictures on social media are hard to believe.

Of course, there are some drawbacks that come with it. The three low-calorie intake days means that the recommended calorie intake for an adult is not met.


The food combinations for this diet plan are totally absurd for someone who is trying to lose weight. It includes hot dogs, eggs, and even ice cream. Science-wise, this kind of diet might not be ideal for someone who is serious about losing weight.


One great thing about the military diet is that it includes a broad range of fruits and veggies. In addition, the moderately high protein intake might help with satiation to help curb excessive food intake. These two facts could be enough to make you put it into consideration for weight loss.

Here’s the bottom line, the diet appears to have gained immense popularity over the last few months. It is ideal if you want to lose fat fast, for example you need to look good for a party in a week, then this would work.

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