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With our camper kitted out and ready to go we left Sydney and headed south along the coast towards Melbourne, the first destination on our trip around Australia. Having taken such a long time to find our dream camper van we were left with little opportunity to prep for our departure and consequently had three days to make the 1000km journey in time for the 2012 Australian Grand Prix. The distance didn’t seem to overwhelming and we were confident we would arrive in Melbourne with time to spare, however we had under estimated the additional time a vehicle of Winifred’s size needs to make lengthy journeys. Travelling at an average of 80km/hour we found that time slipped away from us much faster than anticipated.

Arriving in Melbourne the night before the Grand Prix began we checked in to a low cost caravan park on the outskirts of the city and settled in for what was now our third night in the camper. We had positioned ourselves reasonably well and after a short bus ride and forty minutes on the train we were joining the droves of motor racing fans at the entrance to Albert Park. Our tickets allowed us access to the park to see all practise sessions, qualifying and the Grand Prix itself, so the following four days were spent engrossed in all the sport and venue had to offer. Jenson Button made the journey worth while and took 1st place on the podium with Lewis Hamilton coming in third, all in all a good day for the British.


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