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Infographic: Dining with Mobile Devices

How many times have you looked around a restaurant only to find other diners constantly on their phone?

While they are a distraction to many users, smartphones such as the new iPhone 6 from a reliable network like T-Mobile allow consumers to do more than just check social media or email. Consumers can use these devices to connect to a reliable network and find other information or make payments for their meal. In fact, an average of 3 out of 10 customers will use a restaurants mobile app to pay their bill.

With almost 50 percent of the population active on mobile social media sites, restaurants are planning to spend more money to meet the increasing demand for mobile apps in a dining atmosphere. Free Wi-Fi and easy ways to grab coupons or pay bills are just a few of the convenient options and perks these restaurants plan to use to keep their mobile audience loyal.

ApplePay is one of the first of many systems that allow users to get the check and pay for it in a minimal time. No longer do you have to wait for the server to bring you a bill, and then wait for payment to process. It is now done with the push of a button on your iPhone. Many restaurants started to transition to a mobile-friendly place in recent years, and this trend looks like it will continue into the future. Read on to find out just how far-reaching this mobile social revolution is.



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