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After a short stint (10 days) of travel in northern Costa Rica we are back in Liberia and two weeks into our first house sit.

I will admit that as we sat on our sofa in the UK and accepted the offer to travel over 5000 miles and look after the home of total strangers I had my doubts about the whole process.

Was this really such a great idea? What if we hated the house and the area? Was the offer legitimate?

However, as I sit here 5000 miles from home on the balcony and watch the first rays of early morning sun bring the surrounding rain forest to life, it seems laughable that I had any concerns at all.

We are fast realising Costa Rica is a country brimming with such incredible life.

Our temporary home sits at the edge of a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Liberia, we have neighbours on one side and rain forest on the other three. Just a short walk from the house brings you to a secluded waterfall where a morning dip while soaking up the life of the rainforest leaves you feeling as though you have been re-born into a brilliant new world.

Even for a country girl such as myself this close proximity to nature required some adjustment.

This house is not just a home for us, we have at least four small frogs and a couple of geckos that patrol various rooms in search of small bugs. I must say at first I was a little shocked to discover their presence in the house, I don’t think it helped that the encounter involved a small frog jumping out from behind a pan while I was doing the washing up!

However I have come to appreciate their roll, munching their share of spiders and ants, they are our personal pest control unit! Unfortunately a permanent resident left behind by the owner seems intent on culling our happy helpers if they stray to close to the ground. Unlike Ben, Kali the cat is clearly not concerned about the maintenance of the spider population in the house.

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