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With our first house sitting assignment in Costa Rica firmly under our belt we have arrived in Playas Del Coco to house sit for the next three months.

We are to care for a wonderful little property in a Tico (a term for local Costa Rican people) neighbourhood. The owner will be returning to her native Canada for three months to deal with the sale of a property and organise the shipping of her things back to Costa Rica.

Our time spent living in Liberia has taught us much about life in this beautiful country and we are pleased to have the opportunity to continue our education. I have signed up for some Spanish lessons in a bid to speed up the learning process and we are to investigate the possibility of learning to scuba dive.

Our role as house sitters will be tested while we are here as not only do we have a cat and a dog to care for, we also have a temperamental swimming pool to maintain.

The owner has said that during the rainy season (of which we are about to enter) the run off from the surrounding trees cause the water to turn green if not properly maintained. We have been trained in the finer points of pool care and have vowed to keep the water crystal clear.

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