Here’s Why You Should Say Oui To The Skiing In The French Alps

[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]f you’ve not been skiing before, it might be difficult to see the appeal. After all, the adrenaline of the slopes can only keep you entertained for a certain amount of time. In truth, the perfect vacation should include so much more. Thankfully, skiing ticks all the boxes, not least with regards to luxury.

On-site facilities are usually of the highest standard. The fact that your family can enjoy a sense of luxury and privacy with the right accommodation is even better still. Meribel Chalet La Varappe can sleep up to 12 people, allowing you to have the closeness of a family reunion plus the traditional holiday joys.

After a day of fun on the slopes, family conversations in front of a log fire simply can’t be beaten.


The only way to improve seeing the best things this world has to offer is to share them with your family. Skiing quite literally leaves you on top of the world. In addition to the excitement of the skiing activities, you’ll be treated to some remarkable views.

Sunrises and sunsets are simply magnificent in the French Alps. However, the general view across miles of natural beauty is something to savour forever. Learn to take the best photographs, and you’ll never forget those magical moments with the family. Those photos can even brighten up your home.

While you can find wonderful views on beach holidays or city breaks, it’s hard to replicate the snowy mountain views. Everyone deserves to experience them at least once.


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Most of the family probably have their peak season holiday bookings in place. So, wherever you decide to go, it’s likely that you’ll want to go during a different season. This is another reason why skiing in the Alps is such a great prospect.

Most ski resorts are open between November and April. So you can book this up while still enjoying your individual summer holidays on the beach. This also gives you the chance to combine the family reunion with the festive season. This can double the magical moments.

Given the importance of practicality in your travel plans, timing counts for a lot. Skiing in the Alps, or anywhere in Europe, is certainly among the best solutions. Underestimate this at your peril.


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The main reason for choosing to meet in a neutral place is that the traditional concept of family reunions has got very expensive. The visiting parties can probably get to the Alps for less money while the hosts bypass the cost and effort of welcoming the whole family.

Finding flights to various destinations in the Alps is easier than ever thanks to Jack’s Flight Club and other comparison sites. Meanwhile, renting skis and the right attire is far more affordable than you might fear. Besides, the fact that you’ll avoid the need for buying holiday outfits should cover those expenses anyway.

So, if you’re in the process of planning a family reunion anytime soon, the French Alps should be on the shortlist.

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