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I had forgotten how the feeling of trepidation can sweep over you without a moments notice.

Until the instant I finished packing I had felt nothing more than a few excited pangs of anticipation, yet stood at the foot of my bed having packed what little belongings I still owned into a rather small backpack I suddenly felt terrified.

Fortunately since then I have had little opportunity to dwell on my feelings of anxiety. The next morning at 7am we bundled ourselves and our luggage into the car and drove down to Heathrow for our flight. We flew 8 hours over the pond and landed in Toronto, Canada at 4pm local time.

Being ever so organised we had booked onto the Toronto Airport Express, which although reasonably costly ($38/£24 for a 2 passenger return) was clean, comfortable and dropped us right in the heart of Toronto and just across the road from our B&B.

Our adventure had begun.

Rather underestimating the time it would take to pack and organise ourselves to leave we had four hours sleep the night before we left home, and consequently were shattered when we arrived in Toronto nearly 13 hours after our journey began.

The ride into the city brought back memories of our USA trip, high rise buildings, huge white concrete motorways and space, so much space. Although we loved living in London it seems ridiculous that anyone could live in such a confined, over populated city.

The streets and pavements here are so much wider, buildings are not wall to wall but have their own plot of land, almost enabling the city space to breath. We had planned ahead and booked into a great little bed and breakfast in a high rise over looking the harbour, after decamping in our room and having a little snooze we headed out to explore the city.



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