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It’s not often that the title of our posts begins with the phrase ‘How To…’.

We’re not bloggers who blog about blogging, or bloggers who blog with informative content for other bloggers – have I just discovered a new elocution tongue twister?! I think so.

Our content is focused on adventure travel because we live for adventure. We’ve spent the last three years travelling through eight different countries, planning our travels on the fly using travel blogs and forums for inspiration and advice.

Leaving the UK with just a 55L backpack and a small daypack crammed full of the possessions we thought we’d need for our planned twelve months of travel, we’d little room left over for our passports never mind cumbersome guidebooks.

Losing that tangible connection to the advice we had relied on throughout so many of our previous travels was a little daunting. However we couldn’t carry another kilo between us for love nor money, so we resigned ourselves to the fact that we’d no longer have travel advice and helpful images of the local area in our back pocket.

Sure Google was our friend when we needed it, but to find insights and snapshots from locals we had to spend time sifting out the high ranking business pages and tourism websites.

That is until we were introduced to Trover.



Over the last three years we’ve looked to applications like Instagram and Pintrest to provide us with inspiring destination ideas. And while we’ve enjoyed curating our feed and providing insight into the locations we’ve explored, we’ve often felt as though we received little inspiration in return.

Great, another photo of your spaghetti bolognese….Awesome, another selfie of you on a beach in Thailand….YAY! ANOTHER travel quote superimposed over a pretty picture.

Our list of social media pet hates is lengthy.

Having been active on Trover for the last few months we’ve realised that the social platform has fused together the best bits of its rivals and honed them into a lean mean inspiration machine. No longer are we subjected to inane updates, selfies and locationless photography – don’t you just hate it when people pin images with no title or notation?



Instead of frustrating updates our Trover feed is bursting with vibrant photography from destinations across the globe.

Snippets of insider info accompany each colourful image detailing helpful insights for those wishing to visit the area themselves. The updates are even geo tagged so you can pin point exactly where the user was when they took the photo.

At last, a social media platform designed for travel.


Trover is a website and APP which allows its users to post ‘discoveries’ in the form of a photograph coupled with an informative snippet detailing any knowledge they gained on site, and/or external links they feel will be beneficial to travellers following in their footsteps.

For example here’s one of our recent updates from Tongariro National Park.

Create A #TroveOn Guide For Travel TongariroIn our opinion it is this aspect of the platform which makes Trover unique and so exciting for travellers like us who enjoy planning their adventures with the help of inspiring visual aids.

Over the last few weeks we’ve found ourselves curating travel inspiration for future trips using Trover.

Collating photography from the locations we hope to visit we’ve found some great local insights from the Trover users who’ve already been out exploring the world.

Take a peek at our #TroveOn travel guide for our forthcoming visit to Costa Rica.

A #TroveOn Guide to Costa Rica by our fellow Trovers – a photo list by Wanderlusters

By searching through the wealth of travel Troves we’ve picked out the best Costa Rica content and curated it into our own unique #TroveOn travel guide.
Each image is from an original source so when you find something that catches your eye, you’ll click through to find information from the author of the photographer. You’re even able to interact with the author asking further questions about their experience.
How incredibly awesome is that?!

Accessible at any time through our profile on the Trover APP this guide will see us through our entire two month trip around the country and most importantly it won’t weight our backpack down!


To start your journey to inspiration curation you should first download the Trover APP to your Apple or Android device. This will enable you to #TroveOn on the move and feed your recommendations into your profile as you go.

Next you can either sign up on your smart phone/tablet or head over to your laptop and set about creating your profile. Both the download and the sign-up are free.

We highly recommend that you search for inspiration from the featured Top Trovers and follow the users who inspire your sense of wanderlust. Don’t forget to follow us on Trover and take a look at our #TroveOn travel guides too!

Finally you can start to curate your own lists of discoveries which will become your guide to the locations you plan to visit. And once you’ve collated the best travel moments from your trips why not create a guide others can use to explore?! Take a look at our #TroveOn travel guide to scuba diving in New Zealand

Our #TroveOn Guide to Aquatic Aotearoa – a photo list by Wanderlusters


Now that we’ve inspired you to make Trover your new travel APP of choice check out these awesome Trover users spearheading the way with their vibrant travel curations.

Tom’s Trover profile is likely to cause a serve case of wanderlust. His landscape photography in particular caught our eye and his shots from Madagascar have put the island firmly at the top of our bucket list.

Mark’s discoveries are vibrant and varied and we love his dedication to compiling inspiring lists from his 4+ years of travel across the globe.


Kate’s healthy vegan and vegetarian Troves have us craving green veggies and colourful fruits. Yes we know we complained earlier about messy meal updates but these pictures are of edible art works!


Trust us, in just a few weeks from now you’ll find yourself with more Trove discoveries than you know what to do with. From inspring landscapes to recommendations for festivals and ‘can’t miss’ cultural experiences.

We’re already discovering new places we want to visit and thanks to the search function we’ve uncovered some hidden hot spots close by.

So what are you waiting for, become a Trover today and share your travel stories with the world. We can’t wait to discover your travel Troves!

✈ ✈ ✈

This branded content details our honest review of this awesome new travel APP and is brought to you in partnership with the team at Trover.

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39 Responses

  1. Melinda

    I’ve heard of Trover, and even follow them on Instagram, but I honestly didn’t know how their app worked! Your post was so informative and has inspired me to go download it now!

  2. Florin Draghici

    OK, you just made me jump into Trover. I’ll try to understand a bit more of the way it works, but pics seem great. Looking for some infos on Morocco, could put some pictures from Spain or Portugal… don’t know yet where I’ll travel with it, but the way you wrote your article was great.
    Fair winds

    • Charli Moore

      That’s so great to hear Florin! I know you’ll love curating your own travel guides as much as we do! Thrilled that we have inspired you to #TroveOn!

    • Charli Moore

      That’s awesome to hear! We’re currently planning our travels through Central America and have found so many inspiring travel troves!

    • Charli Moore

      Welcome to the club! We meet weekly and try to help each other with our addiction!! Jokes aside, isn’t it great?! I love being able to access local knowledge so easily.

  3. Catherine

    I’ve been hearing so many great things about Trover lately, but still not tried it out – I’m going to have no choice but to jump on the bandwagon and give it a go myself soon!

    • Charli Moore

      Having been active on the platform for a few months now I can tell you that’s a decision you wont regret. We’ve found some great insider travel tips for our adventures in Costa Rica later this year!

  4. Emma @ Gotta Keep Movin'

    I’ve heard about this from a few people and it’s great to read another wonderful review! I seem to share the same social media pet peeves as you guys, so this is definitely refreshing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Alli

    Huh, Trover . . . never had I heard of this and I was just starting to think I had understood all forms of social media/travel apps! Fabulous outline of Trover – and thank you for introducing me 🙂

    • Charli Moore

      Trover is so intuitive that I’ve no doubt you’ll soon be well on your way to curating your own #TroveOn travel guides! Give it a go and let us know how you get on. Don’t forget to follow us too!

  6. Hannah Logan

    I’ve recently discovered Trover and it seems pretty neat! For me, it’s more helpful than Pinterest but still offers awesome pics…so maybe something I should start getting into 🙂

    • Charli Moore

      That’s great to hear Hannah! We’re finding it so useful when planning our future travels and have come across some travel tips we’d never have found in a guide book!

  7. Chris Boothman

    I’m with other folks that we definitely need to get on Trover and check it out as a relatively new form of social media networks! Where will this trend ever stop – it’s so difficult to keep up with them all! I love the GUI of this though and love the fact they have a cool app you can use which is great for ‘on the go’ updates.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, will let you know when we have something setup so that we can connect over at Trover 🙂

    • Charli Moore

      It would swell to connect via Trover Chris! I look forward to following your discoveries. I agree that I too am losing track of my social media accounts! Yet I have to confess Trover is something I check daily, I don’t want to miss any awesome new discoveries to add to my bucket list!

  8. Margherita @The Crowded Planet

    Sounds like a great travel tool. I so agree with you about selfies on the beach and spaghetti bolognese, and as a result have delegated control of Instagram to my husband! I will definitely look into Trover now. Thanks for sharing!

    • Charli Moore

      Are you known to take a selfie while sitting on the beach eating spaghetti bolognese Margherita?!!!!! Hope Trover inspires you as much as it has me!

  9. Megan Claire

    Would you believe I actually added Trover to my “to do” list this afternoon for social media platforms I need to get on! Crazy that I then randomly stumble upon your post!! Thanks for the great info – will put this at the top of my priorities!!

  10. Jenna

    OK, you’ve convinced me to sign up! I keep hearing about Trover, but haven’t signed up yet. I love how easy it looks to find great travel inspiration–I have a feeling I’ll get hooked pretty quick!

    • Charli Moore

      Jenna I can’t seem to put it down! I love discovering new places and making new #TroveOn travel guides! It’s great to know that my time is not going to waste as at the end I’ll have a handy travel guide to help me explore the world!

  11. Kathleen l Our Favorite Adventure

    Charli, I am so glad that I follow you or I might have been the last to know about this awesome platform. (I feel like I tend to be behind on all of the cool stuff recently!)

    As long-time Pinterest enthusiast this really appeals to me! I was just looking at some of your #TravelOn boards and there is some STUNNING photography 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing about this app, I am so intrigued!

    • Charli Moore

      So pleased you’ve been over to check out our Trover profile! I hope we’ve inspired you to give the platform a trial?! Thanks for stopping by!