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Sitting on the eastern side of South Australia’s Spencer Gulf Port Germein is a quiet seaside town with a population of just over two hundred.After the excitement and expense of our trip to Barossa we headed back to the coast in search of a free meal. Literally. We had heard that the main past time of the inhabitants was to fish from the 1.5km long wooden jetty which paves the way out over the water for hungry crab fisherman. A number of the tourist brochures trumped the jetty as the longest wooden jetty in Australia however it seemed that this title was fiercely competed as at least two of the other states claimed ownership of this converted accolade.

Crab Fishing in Port Germein South Australia

Catch of the Day in Port Germein

Heading out onto the jetty at high tide the next morning, armed with six crab pots, I admit I was a little sceptical at the potential enjoyment one could achieve by sitting still and waiting for your catch to take the bait. Unlike a lot of fishing techniques the initial set up process is extremely simple :

Step 1 : Attach bait to inside of crab pot.

Step 2 : Attach rope from pot to jetty.

Step 3 : Hurl pot into the water below.

Step 4 : Watch and wait.

Now the key to catch the optimum number of crabs is to always watch your pots, I had thought perhaps I could relax in my camping chair and catch up on some reading however this would not result in a healthy yield. If left unattended the crabs would simply munch all of the bait and leave, thus avoiding capture. When an unsuspecting crab enters the pot the fisherman, or in my case fisherwoman, pulls sharply on the rope attached to the pot and traps their catch inside. Just under an hour into proceedings we caught our first crab of the day. Tempted into our pot by the alluring smell of dead bait fish, the unsuspecting Blue Swimmer Crab sat down to his buffet lunch unaware of the price of his free meal.  A few hours later we had a catch of sixteen sizeable crabs, a delicious seafood feast for the four of us.

For those keen to better our score crab pots are available for rent from the post office at $5 per 24 hour period.


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