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It was during the hours of dark that we found Chicago to be at her most beautiful, the streets are lined with skyscrapers that look as though they have put on their finest jewels in a bid to impress, some so tall you crane your neck for a glimpse of the sky, they line the streets that form the grid of the city.

The sidewalks are bustling with life, people returning home from work, revellers on their way to another bar, shoppers and tourists milling around weaving in between bus lanes and lines of traffic.

For a photographer all this appears to be choreographed to perfection but to the commuter sat in his car in a lengthy queue of traffic this is a tune he would rather not be dancing to.

The subtle dimming of daylight and the sudden harsh glare of the city street lamp marks the transition from light to dark, day to night. The dark can be deceptive, especially for those travelling.

Darkness can conceal hidden dangers and mask unsightly images that are only visible by day, however the darkness brings a new canvas to cities all over the world. As dusk envelopes the skyline of Chicago a plethora of bulbs light the night and the city puts on her glad rags.

Skyscrapers lit brightly by spotlights appear to stand taller, car headlights roar as they race past and fireworks leap from Navy Pier dancing in the nights sky for tourists and inhabitants alike.


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