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Planning a trip to Bali but unsure where to start? Not to worry! With the following DIY Guide you can plan your perfect Bali vacation in no time at all;


Bali has become an incredibly popular tourist destination and, as such, can become crowded during the ‘high season’ which usually lasts from July until early September and from late December until early January.

Therefore, if you would like to enjoy a perfect Bali vacation devoid of queues and bustling crowds then it is highly advised that you investigate budget airlines companies online and book flights outside of their most popular travel times.

As one Thrifty Nomads travel blogger recommends, by utilising these online budget airline companies you can also identify the cheapest days to fly. By doing so you can spend your money on holiday souvenirs rather than expensive flights!


When booking accommodation for your Bali vacation you should take some time to consider what you plan to see and do whilst on holiday.

For instance, if you are interested in discovering the rich cultural heritage of the island then it is recommended that you book a hotel or guest villa in the Ubud region. Staying within the Ubud area means you will only be a 5-10 minute walk away from the Ubud Market and the Ubud Palace as well as many other temples and spiritual places of worship which populate this area.

Alternatively, if you love to swim, surf and sunbathe then you would be better suited booking accommodation within one of Bali’s many beachside resorts. As noted on this travel guide, the waves surrounding Kuta Beach experience strong island currents which are ideal for skilled surfers, Seminyak Beach has a quieter ambience to suit sunbathers, and Blue Ocean Beach boasts a thriving restaurant and bar scene if you want to experience the best of Balinese nightlife. If you investigate the pros and cons of each of these regions before departing then you can book affordable accommodation which will compliment your individual vacation interests.


There are so many sites and spectacles to enjoy across the island of Bali that it can seem daunting trying to pack them all into one vacation! To help you do so, listed below are five of our favourite activities that we recommend you experience whilst in Bali;

  1. Visit a Balinese temple: There are literally thousands of temples and spiritual places of worship across the island of Bali; each of which is set against its own exotic backdrop and boasts unique ancient architecture. As such, it is strongly recommended that you pay pilgrimage to one of these awe-inspiring locations; such as the cliff-side Uluwatu and Tanah Lot temples, the Goa Gajah ruins or the mountain-side Besakih mother temple.
  2. Participate in a Balinese ceremony: Every day there are musical performances, dance festivals and ceremonial events hosted within Bali’s community halls and surrounding their temples. Whether you enjoy these events as a spectator or participate yourself, a traditional Balinese ceremony is an incredibly enjoyable and unforgettable experience.
  3. Sample the local cuisine: Bali is famous for its rich, flavourful cuisine, so why not sample these exotic dishes in their native land? Some of the most popular dishes include the chicken and rice dishes ‘nasi ayam’ and ‘nasi campur’ as well as the banana leaf wrapped ‘pepes’ and ‘tum’; all of which can be cooked fresh to order at Balinese food stalls across the island.
  4. Discover an Indonesian waterfall: The island of Bali is home to many hidden waterfalls; including the awe inspiring 110m Blahmantung waterfall. We strongly recommend taking a trek through the island’s parks and forest regions to view these natural wonders in all their majesty.
  5. Spend a day at the beach: Each of Bali’s beaches hosts a wealth of swimming, surfing, kite-surfing, snorkelling and deep sea diving activities to suit tourists of all aquatic abilities. As such, it is worth spending at least a day experiencing the joys of Balinese beach life!

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