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The thought of planning an adventurous escape can be a little overwhelming. Simple Steps To Help You Plan An Epic Adventure

Whether you’re dreaming of taking some time out to explore one destination in depth, as we did during our 12 month road trip around Australia, or hoping to fit as many inspiring locations into one whirlwind tour, a certain amount of pre travel prep is required.

Having lived as a digital nomad for the last four years, I’ve a fair amount of experience when it comes to preparing for a trip abroad. When navigating from one country to the next I often fly by the seat of my pants and book everything last minute, other times I spend weeks (even months) sourcing the best deals on flights and accommodation. However, regardless of the lead-in time I now utilise a few tried and tested methods to make sure I’m ready for the journey ahead.

Looking for some simple steps to help you plan an epic adventure? Here are some easy ways to take the stress out of world travel.


fiordland-on-film-featuredDefining where in the world you want to travel to is the first major hurdle you’ll face, and believe me when I tell you it’s a real struggle to decide. When the world literally becomes your oyster, no end of inspiring destinations will send you into wanderlusting daze of utter confusion.

But focus, no really…focus.

Start with a realistic projection of your budget, and then narrow down your bucket list to locations that align well with your available finance.


cuba-photo-essay-david-steeleOn a serious budget? Keen to RTW for less? Consider places where the cost of living is low. Agness and her blogging buddy Ces have some great guides to travelling for $25 a day.

Looking for ways to save? Norbet from Globotreks has 20 Tips to Save $1000 a Month for Your RTW Trip.

Been saving for the last 12 months? Want to see more costly bucket list destinations like Barbados, New Zealand, Stockholm, or Las Vegas? Consider choosing one or two locations and exploring in more depth.


Now that you’ve narrowed down your search to (hopefully) just a handful of destinations, I recommend you join Instagram and curate a feed that will deliver a daily dose of inspiration.

Lusting after an outdoor adventure? Follow @expertvagabond

Planning to visit the UK and Ireland? Follow @Gottakeepmovin

Keen to explore the underwater world? Follow me @WanderlustersUK


As well as harbouring a secret Instagram addiction I’ve recently discovered the TripVerse App and have started translating the bucket list activities and destinations I once thought out of reach, into navigable and affordable itinerary templates.

Check out this review by fellow TripVerse fans Caz and Craig from Ytravel Blog and download the app to start curating your next epic adventure!

tripverseSo far I’ve turned our 18 month stay in New Zealand into a great NZ itinerary resource for our followers, planned a road trip to some of America’s most spectacular national parks, and picked out some of the best wreck dives on Barbados!


We all travel with at least one device.

Smart phones, tablets, laptops, there are few who choose to disconnect completely when they’re away from home. So make the most of the fact you can cram a million different tools into one small electronic device and get APP’d up before you leave.

ben-new-york-panoHere are a few of our favourites:

We’re already mentioned TripVerse, download it and input all of your itinerary information to negate the need to search through your emails or carry multiple lists. Add your flight details, booking confirmation codes, and contact details for accommodation and activity providers.

Stay on budget with the help of Trail Wallet – designed by fellow travel bloggers Erin and Simon. Monitor your spending and break down your monthly expenditure with this seriously savvy app.

trail-wallet-overviewGet Skype and convince your loved ones to download it too. You’ve got to be pretty remote to be more than a few hundred meters from a reliable internet connection these days, so save yourself the cost of international phone calls and instead stay in touch for free.

Join Airbnb and keep their app close at hand. A great option for those travelling on the fly and keen to meet local people, this app will connect you with people renting out their spare room for a very affordable fee.


wanaka-kayak-sup-featuredThe more on the ball you are when it comes to the logistics of travel, the easier life is when you’re out on the open road.

Here are a few things you can do in preparation of your departure:

If you’re planning a multi-stop trip – book transportation for all legs of your journey. Whether travelling by train, plane, or automobile, book ahead and make sure you know how you’re getting from one destination to the next.

Figure out your itinerary for at least the first few days of your trip. Booking accommodation and activities will take the stress out of arriving into an unfamiliar country, and will help you settle in to life on the open road.

branwauld-switzerland-imgurNotify your bank of your plans to travel abroad and if you’ve time, apply for accounts that do not charge loading fees on foreign transactions. Travelers from the UK can apply for this account with Norwich and Peterborough which offers free debit card usage abroad.

Scan all your important documents and store them in the cloud for easy access should you find yourself in a sticky spot.

Compile a packing list. Depending on your choice of destinations you many need to pack for all four seasons. If this is the case, get seriously savvy with your choice of clothing and footwear. Dragging a 23kg suitcase around the world is no fun, so pack as light as possible.

Check for any recent events (political, meteorological, cultural) that may impact your trip and make changes to your itinerary as required.


charli-hiking-tongariroWhile travel prep is key for those looking to explore on a budget, or fit multiple destinations into one trip, the reality is that as soon as you hit the open road you’re travelling. Dedicate as much time as you can to preparing for your adventure but as soon as your departure day arrives, sit back and let the open road take you on a journey of discovery.

You just never know where you might end up!

✈ ✈ ✈

Are you currently utilising any simple steps to help you plan an epic adventure? Share them with us below!

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  1. Anam

    Thanks for the awesome article. I just downloaded TripVerse and will definitely try it out for my next trip. Another app that I find handy is MAPS.ME for offline navigation. What do you guys use to find your way to the hostel/hotels?