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Considering the UK for your next adventurous escape? Trying to figure out how to spend your two week vacation?

Here’s a quick look at some of the most quintessentially British activities, and scenic regions to explore during your two weeks in the UK.


Cornwall arguably has some of the best beach front in the UK, with over 400 beaches available for exploration. This delightful region in the south of the UK allows you to start your tour with the excitement of sun and sand. Whether you pick the dramatic north coast beaches with their stunning cliff scenery, or go to the southern beaches with their gentle coves and beautiful sea features, you’ll find yourself surrounded by picture perfect views.

Renting a campervan like these Spaceships allows you to hop along the coast, sampling only the best within the short period of time you’re there. Ensure that you stop at St. Ives for some quality artistic and culinary experiences while on your tour, as well as visiting Padstow which is famous for its amazing food packed into a small village.


The UK’s most popular tourist destination is not to be missed. The cosmopolitan city of London is mixed with modern features as well as historical landmarks, guaranteeing an exciting tour all around. If you are on a budget, get the London Pass that will allow you to enjoy entry to more than 60 attractions all around the city.

Alternatively, look out for budget bus tours which will often include a lot of freebies as well. You can explore the city by bike or a walking tour for the more activity driven of us, or just take a helicopter ride to enjoy the whole view if you’re lucky enough to have plenty of pennies! Choose from a variety of tour options showcasing history, modern attractions, as well as natural scenery.


Easily one of the most beautiful areas in the UK, the Cotswolds are a must see on your short tour. The area is a mash up of quaint villages, idyllic countryside, and tasteful natural scenery. Start your memorable tour by booking yourself into a beautiful rural cottage like those here: you can then visit an affordable yet beautiful manor like the Buckland Manor Country house for regal treatment.

After that, wander through towns with unique names such as Stow-on-the-Wold, Cheltenham, and Stroud, exploring their tastefully English architecture and lifestyle. Head to the outdoors for an activity such as fishing, golfing, horse riding, biking, or simply trekking and intimately explore the beautiful natural surroundings.


Perfect area for the activity tourist, the Yorkshire Dales offer you a quintessential British experience. This area makes for a great walking tour with varied types of trails available for both the seasoned and amateur trekker. Stroll through amazing natural features, beautiful hills, and stunning stone village scenery.

There are numerous caves to visit underground at White Scar, and delightful scenery available on every Dale. Enjoy Viking castles like the Skipton Castle, and go haggle at the local markets in Leyburn and Skipton.


Scotland as a whole offers a mysterious allure. However, the west coast is arguably the most exciting for tourism. Here, you will be treated to a variety of scenes: from Dumfries & Galloway all the way to Scourie up in the north.

In between, choose whether you want to explore part of the famous highlands or simply indulge in the coastal delights: a mix of the two is best. Whether you go island hunting in Mull, Islay, or Jura, or head out to Oban for whiskey, or try out one of the numerous world class golf courses, the West will always hold a unique appeal for you.

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